Thanks for the mammaries

Sexploitation pioneer Russ Meyer revels in the permissiveness he helped create

The movie is currently a huge success in Japan, where it's being screened without subtitles, and a fresh 35-mm. print is set to open in Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York. But Meyer in his senior years isn't content to rest on his lucrative laurels. Ever the workhorse, he's self-publishing a three-volume, 1,500-page autobiography (he promises this one's a "fuck-and-tell") and drafting the screenplay for a new feature, The Bra of God. Meyer promises the new film will be as sexploitative as the finest in his canon.

"For the longest time you couldn't show my X-rated movies in respectable houses," Meyer says, "but there's a whole new market for NC-17 fare in the art houses. And this project will be NC-17. I refuse to kiss the MPAA's ass just so I can get my movies played."

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is screened by the USA Film Festival Nov 3 at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Meyer is in attendance for a question-and-answer session. Call 821-6300. A wide selection of Russ Meyer titles on video is available at Forbidden Books, 835 Exposition, 821-9554.

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