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Drive-In Movie Critic of Grapevine, TX

Kathy Shower, as the frumpy pregnant housewife who gets cheated on, for saying, "You should be ashamed!" and "You will never see the baby!"

Everette Lamar, as the gay bike-riding assistant who gets run down by an attempted assassin, for saying, "He's gonna hurt somebody else, isn't he?"

Patsy Pease, as the oversexed, ambitious bitch who says, "You promised me that assistant position if I testified on your behalf!"

Steven Bauer, as the nice-guy lawyer who says, "If you think what this guy's about is sex, you're wrong--his game is power--power over women!"

Lee Anne Beaman, as the homely sister who transforms herself into a sex-starved vixen, for saying, "I have to see you tonight" and "I'm doing what I have to do."

And to veteran Indian director Jag Mundhra, for doing it the drive-in way.
Four stars.
Joe Bob says check it out.

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