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december 7
Dance Showdown '94: What's virtually the only kind of musical event which would openly associate itself with a tobacco company these days? A country and western show. Marlboro has sponsored its own national C&W dance competition, which culminates in the Dance Showdown '94 in Arlington. This is an audience largely disconnected (and by choice) from the antitobacco hysteria which has swept the country. And while the genre is currently enjoying a monstrous success that cuts across economic lines, it's the working-class, don't-have-any-insurance, living-from-paycheck-to-paycheck core which finds a great deal of satisfaction in leisure pursuits, be it smoking, drinking, or scuffing the dance floor with their boots. Dance Showdown '94 is the finals for a series of events which have pulled talented C&W talent from regions all across the country. Confederate Railroad, one of many up-and-coming bland, right-wing country-rock party bands, performs after the competition. Dance Showdown '94 takes place at Cowboys, 2540 E Abram in Arlington. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door. For information call (817) 265-1535.

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