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"After the movie ended, something new came on. I thought at first it might be a trailer, but instead there were a couple of actual scenes from another movie.

"I'm not complaining. I think of it as a bonus; now I just want to know what that bonus is. The section I saw begins with a dark-haired guy in a leather jacket forcing his way into a girl's apartment. Apparently, the girl (name Maggie) knows him but doesn't like him.

"The girl's booze-guzzling mother interrupts them, and Mom's date recognizes the guy as the president of Silver Daggers, though he doesn't explain what the Silver Daggers are. After a brief conversation between Maggie and the Silver Dagger guy, the scene abruptly cuts to a high school classroom, where a nerdy teacher named Mr. Clutch is harassed by a class clown.

"Order is restored, sort of, when a couple of tough-looking girls beat up the wise guy."

We received three correct answers, so our winner was chosen by drawing. And he is...Larry Yoshida of Olympia, Wash.:

"It's a 1975 Jack Hill-directed film known variously as Switchblade Sisters, The Jezebels and Playgirl Gang. Maggie was played by Joanne Nail. Others in the cast include Robbie Lee (from the original Big Bad Mama), Monica Gayle (from Country Music Daughter starring Johnny Rodriguez), Asher Brauner, Chase Newhart, Marlene Clark (Night of the Cobra Woman), Kitty Bruce (Lenny's daughter and, I think, Freddie Prinze's ex) and Bob Minor (he was the stunt coordinator and Roger Mosley's double on 'Magnum P.I.')."

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