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january 11
Lee Cullum: The press release for the talk being given by Lee Cullum--former Dallas Times Herald staffer, current Dallas Morning News columnist, and frequent guest on both the national MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour and Bob Ray Sanders' local current-events gab-fest Between the Lines--promises she "puts our fin-de-siecle predicament in the context of post-modern limbo." Anybody got some Maalox? Actually, her topic, "The Age of Limbo," is a simple and extremely predictable gripe from conservatives, who, through naughty boy Newt Gingrich, have once again raised the spectre of McGovernicks--i.e., any Democrat who encourages the poor as well as ethnic and sexual minorities to take part in the political process. According to right-wing revisionism, the guiding philosophy of the left--and the single greatest force of erosion in American society over the last 30 years--is moral relativism. Yet moral relativism is itself a relative concept, and we are all moral relativists (yes, even fundamentalist Christians), making compromises that reconcile experience with expectation, and constantly weighing our sense of right and wrong against the need to understand why some of our loved ones make such terrible choices. Cullum calls for "moral imagination" to take the fore. The question is, who will have the courage to stand up and point out the class-based, money-driven political agenda that's hiding under the preacher's robe? Lee Cullum speaks as part of the Wednesday Night Talk Series at 7 pm in the Hotel Crescent Court, 400 Crescent Court. Tickets are $25. Call 520-0206.

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