Belo decided to put the cash Dallas Life was costing in its pocket, instead of in the magazine--though it continues to make the opposite decision with other sections, and, God knows, has plenty of money to spread around.

But what's equally offensive is how hard the News has labored to avoid telling its readers that simple truth.

Too familiar
A December 19 BeloWatch item headlined "Familiar story" suggested that Bill Minutaglio's page-one feature story about Pig Park on December 11 was inspired by an Observer cover story written 10 months earlier by assistant editor Julie Lyons. The story was more familiar than BeloWatch knew.

A letter-writer has already pointed out in these pages that D Magazine had written briefly about Pig Park--a South Dallas urban rodeo--even earlier, in May 1992.

News staffer Jennifer Nagorka also wrote about the rodeo before the Observer story--in a page-one piece published back on August 4, 1992.

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