Barry blew it

Switzer's casual approach caught up with the Cowboys

Then there was the matter of his close encounter with the ref. "Sure it's a mistake," Switzer said. "I gave them 15 yards.I contributed to us getting beat, no question.

"But if..."
No buts, Barry. Time to accept your considerable share of the blame.
The amazing Cowboys reign is over.

Free agency threatens to shuffle the lineup. Alvin Harper may well be gone. Haley hung it up forever, announcing his retirement after the game. Plenty of other players will be gone. Fingers will be pointed. Accusations will be made.

The good memories will fade like a scene at a high school prom.
Dallas fans must now face, without diversion, so much alone: a county commissioner serving his duties on work release; a rotten baseball season; a joke of a hockey year and Newt and Dick all day every day on CNN until the end of time.

Sure, everyone's been spoiled. But it's not half as much fun when the Cowboys lose.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Johnson is making millions, sipping Heineken on a yacht off the Florida Keys and laughing his self-serving butt off.

He has a boat named "Three Rings." He has a restaurant to open this week named "Three Rings."

That's one more ring than these Dallas Cowboys will get.

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