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february 8
Dallas Neighborhoods: Contrary to what some of us young 'uns may think, Dallas at one time really did possess genuine architectural charm. The residential housing development explosion spurred by the business boom of the previous two decades constituted, for many people, a triumph of consumption over character--a dilemma that remains the city's Achilles heel even in less economically prosperous times. But the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division of the downtown Central Library wants those of us to remember the way Dallas looked in the early part of this century, when it was a town that knew it was a town and didn't try to be an international anything. Dallas Neighborhoods is a collection of photos, maps, architectural plans, and other items from neighborhoods before World War II. Swiss Avenue-Munger Place, Lakewood, Oak Lawn, Hamilton Park, and Pleasant Grove are among the sites represented. Dallas Neighborhoods is free and on display in the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division on the seventh floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, 1515 Young. For more information call 670-7838.

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