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Drive-In Movie Critic of Grapevine, TX

We received 13 correct answers, so our winner was chosen by drawing. And he is...Brent A. Richardson of Columbus, Ohio:

"The answer is the 1978 ABC made-for-TV movie Bermuda Depths. As I remember it, it was pretty good. Not only did you get to see Connie Selleca wet (often), you also got to see Burl Ives eaten by a giant turtle. Carl Weathers was in it, too. It's got some other strange stuff in it. The underwater special effects are very good, but the above-the-water special effects are lousy because they were handled by two different effects companies.

"Also, when they first broadcast the movie, the picture went out for about an hour and the flick became a radio show for the middle third of the story."

Additional information came from our 12 runners-up...Matt Russell of Arlington, Texas:

"It starred Burl Ives as a crotchety old movie biologist and Carl Weathers as the soon-to-be-fishfood sidekick. Connie Selleca played Jennie Haniver, a girl supposedly drowned 200 or so years ago.

"I don't recall who played the blond beach guy who ended up doing the 'hide the fishie' game with Connie.

"Also, I think this was the first time the industry did the 'glowing evil eyes' trick with fluorescent contact lenses.

"It plays on stations late at night every now and again."
Darren McGeary of Watervliet, N.Y.: "It also starred Leigh McCloskey."
Kevin Paez of Richardson, Texas: "The superb production is as good or better than any episode of 'The Six Million Dollar Man."'

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