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It's scary, folks, but St. Pete's Dancing Marlin isn't a bad place to eat

Nothing else we tried was as exciting, though the club sandwich was good, on three stacked slices of that swirled bread again, with plenty of fresh filling--bacon, cheese, chicken, lettuce, tomato--providing the bread's raison d'etre. We didn't venture into the shorter, more expensive section of the menu (there's a 12-ounce T-Bone, a tuna steak, and a platter of vegetables on rosemary skewers). And we didn't try the burgers, either. Good as the burgers are at the Angry Dog, I figure they'll be good at the Marlin, too. Surely St. Pete learned something in all those years! I wanted to try some chocolate cake, but the last piece sold at lunchtime. (I was right with my lunch hunch.)

However, if there are any bartenders who still mix drinks the old-fashioned way, please, I want to know where you are!

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin, 2730 Commerce St., 698-1511. Open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.--10:30 p.m.

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St. Pete's Dancing Marlin

2730 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin:
Mama's Baked Garlic $3
Enrique's Stuffed Jalape–os $4.50
SPDM Club Sandwich $4.75
Pete's Pasta (your choice) $6.25
Sweet Al's Pizza $4.95

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