Joe Bob Briggs

Drive-In Movie Critic of Grapevine, TX

"One lady went into her bedroom and sat down at her dresser to get ready to go to bed. She does all the things she would normally do before going to bed and then lays down on the bed. The second she laid on the bed, she looked up and saw this guy looking down at her from a lamp over the bed.

"I screamed! I wasn't prepared for that kind of shock at four years old. He jumped down on her and cut off her head! They showed it. I saw it, even though I had my eyes covered. "

We received 15 correct answers, so our winner was chosen by drawing. And he is...Brian Yelverton of Salem, Mass.:

"Another fairly easy one. The film Sally is looking for is Horrors of the Black Museum, a 1959 release, I believe. It was produced by Herman Cohen, who also did the giant ape film Konga.

"It's a nasty little story about an author of true crime books who decides to provide his own subject matter, doing some imaginative murders with the aid of a deformed assistant. The spike-ejecting binoculars were the highlight, but he also used ice tongs, acid and a booby-trapped bed. I read that it was advertised as being in Hypnovision."

Copyright 1995 by Joe Bob Briggs. Distributed by NYT Special Features/Syndication Sales.

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