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In a previous column, Will Safford of Albany, New York, wrote:
"I've enlisted the help of one of my roommates, Jim Nolan, who has also seen this movie. We saw it on cable. I don't know which service, but it probably wasn't one of the 'premium' ones.

"There were three basic groups in the movie. We had the basic zombies running around the woods, eating people. We had the High Priest with his army. We had the normal people-scientists-etc., who were just trying to live.

"The Head Zombie (or Priest) extended his life by sucking the life force-blood-whatever out of virgins-women. The priest group wanted the women from the normal group as a source for their High Priest. There were basic thugs running around, driving trucks.

"They also wanted to capture a rocket guy so they could conquer the world. The rocket guy is a salient point, distinguishing this movie from others of its ilk. The guy had a helmet and shoulder launchers, with model rockets mounted thereto.

"When I say model rockets, I mean these were recognizable kits straight off hobby store shelves. He would launch them at objects, the models would fly through the air, then would allegedly blow up whatever was aimed at."

For the sixth time in history, we received zero correct answers. We aren't giving up and will award a video to the person who can come up with the name of this movie.

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