Uncle Whopelo?

Slobberbone is the dumbest name for the best new band in town

Scene, heard
Mike Malinin, best known 'round these parts as the former drummer for Last Rites and Caulk, has joined Warner Bros. band Goo Goo Dolls just as they're preparing for the release of their album A Boy Named Goo. (Malinin, who is living in Los Angeles and had been working at a clothing store, was also the man behind the Cheap Trick tribute Heaven on a Stick a few years back.) The band will be in town March 8 on a promotional tour that will take them to KDGE, KTXQ, and KEGL for on-air interviews, and the boys are booked to appear on "The Jon Stewart Show" March 22 (if it's good enough for the Ass Ponys, it's good enough for most any band)...

Slowpoke and the Toadies are releasing a split seven-inch single titled Belated Valentine at the end of the month on Grass Records. Slowpoke will contribute a track called "She Fainted," and the Toadies cover the Talking Heads' "Not in Love"...

The Trees, one of the bands from the earliest days of Deep Ellum, is back...sort of. Frontman Pat McKanna's stint with The Medicine Show Caravan now over, he's returned with only the old name intact until he can come up with something better. "I'm not trying to capitalize on what little success we had down here," he insists, and as such, the band will not perform any material from its sole album, 1986's Locomtion vs. Hittin' the Brake...

Hockaday grad and winner of last year's backlash award Lisa Loeb took home the Best International Newcomer Award at the Brit Awards in England last week (which are the equivalent of the Grammies); last year, the award went to Bjork. She beat out the likes of Warren G, Counting Crows, Carleen Anderson, and Marcella Detroit. Loeb's as-yet-untitled Geffen debut is due for release in late May or early June; she's finished recording, and final mixing will begin in the next couple of weeks.

Indirect hits
After months of delay, Direct Hit Records has finally released the Dooms U.K. CD Greasy Listening, one of the myriad projects spearheaded by local boy wonder John Freeman. Underneath the smirks you can hear a pretty decent record and a damn fine band: the ska version of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" (now "Pairanoidz"), "Lederhosen," and "Smoke a Dead Man's X-Ray" go for grins where the punch line is the unexpected chops; these boys got talent and humor, even if they can't be funny or even good all the time. Freeman also joins the likes of Lithium X-Mas' Mark Ridlin and Chris Merlick, Bedhead's Bubba Kadane, and assorted other unknown local avant-artists such as Nurse and Munsters on the noise-and-annoys seven-inch clear-vinyl single U.F.O. Psychic Experiment.

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