A day after Blow's column appeared, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram published a page-one story revealing that Frank "is a twice-convicted felon who has served time in Illinois for assault and in Texas state prison for burglary. He has also faced four criminal charges in Tarrant County; they ranged from possession of a pipe bomb to felony theft. Three were dismissed and one was rejected by a Tarrant County grand jury." (BeloWatch full disclosure: the piece's author was S-T reporter Holly Mullen, wife of Observer managing editor Glen Warchol.)

The local coverage generated national press--and presumably hundreds of members--for Frank, including treatment on ABC's "Nightline" and on National Public Radio.

Blow, five days later, acknowledged the new revelations about his "earnest" cat lover ("it turns out Mr. Frank has a couple of criminal convictions in his past...")--without, of course, crediting the Fort Worth paper, or admitting his sloppy failure to check before declaring Frank benign.

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