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"Anyways, they manage to find the scientist's lab, which has a replica of the same lab on earth, only now he's working for the bad guys. They find some circuit cards, and a friendly alien whom they decide to bring with them, and they go back to Earth.

"But wait, we need to have a space battle first, so we have the alien learn to fire the weapons. When he hits an enemy craft, they almost throw a party. And yes, Earth is saved. Is that enough of a description?"

A video will be awarded to the correct answer.
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We Have a Winner!
In a previous column, Wes Pierce of Orlando asked about "an interview, which appeared in Fangoria magazine, featuring actor Robert Clark, star of the 1950s drive-in/horror/sci-fi/cult classic The Hideous Sun Demon.

"In the interview he stated that he had just appeared in a film which, at that time, had not yet been released. The film was a comedy in which an alien lands on Earth near a drive-in movie theater and decides to use the drive-in as a feeding ground by preying on unsuspecting patrons."

We received three correct answers, so our winner was chosen by drawing, and he is...Ken Vaughn of Bowling Green, Kentucky:

"I believe this one is 1988's Midnight Movie Massacre starring Robert Clark and Ann Robinson. Directed by Mark Stock. 86 min. Available through Video Communications Inc., 6535 E. Skelley Dr., Tulsa, OK 74145, (800) 331-4077."

Additional information came from...Mark R. Turner of Cincinnati:
"Set in the mid-'50s, an alien lands beside a drive-in and snacks on the patrons (plenty of butter and salt, please). Wes is right in that the plot showed great potential. Unfortunately, the concept was a lot better than the execution."

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