A better man

Drummer Dave Abbruzzese considers life after Pearl Jam

Since his departure, he has been asked to join several bands, including an "alternative supergroup" one label is attempting to assemble. But he is in no rush to join another band right now. The considerable money made from Pearl Jam album sales and tours will continue to pay the bills for quite a while; in fact, he is paying for the studio time with Castell out of his own pocket, and he brought down most of his own equipment to use in the recording process.

"I have a roof over my head," he says, "and I've got a great family and my girlfriends and pets. Right now it's more important for me to get in touch with all this shit that was ruined, all the good stuff that was turned to shit by the soul poisoning of the Pearl Jam experience of the past year. Until I come to terms with that and feel like I'm standing on my own two feet, I don't have anything to offer someone. That's where this project is important to me...

"There's still a lot of questions in my head about the future and things like that, but as far as my own state of mind and the way I feel musically, this was exactly the perfect thing. It was exactly what I needed to realize some people are fucked up and some people aren't, and if you get yourself in a situation that isn't supported by your own instincts, that situation is no good no matter how much money you're getting from it or how much acclaim or how much fame or whatever. It's just not worth it."

Scene, heard
Tripping Daisy's long-awaited follow-up to Bill, cumbersomely and curiously titled I Am an Elastic Firecracker, is scheduled for release in June, about a month later than originally planned. The 13-song album was produced by Ted Nicely (of Fugazi fame), and the band will tour behind the album throughout the summer. Though the band was accepted for South by Southwest, they decided at the last minute to pull out of the conference and do not have any local shows scheduled for a while...

Just as Spot--Reggie and Chad Rueffer's band, the brothers late of Mildred--prepares to release its debut album on Ardent Records in late April, the boys are faced with having to find another drummer. Earl Darling abandoned ship to join Jackopierce, who lost their drummer Scott Churilla to Reverend Horton Heat when Patrick "Taz" Bentley went with Tenderloin. Speaking of the Rev, he's been in the studio cutting demos for the title track to the next Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Reverend Horton Heat, gearing up for a White Zombie tour, is scheduled to begin recording its next album in April, with a likely release date sometime in early fall.

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