Joe Bob Briggs

Drive-In Movie Critic of Grapevine, TX

"He has a habit of sitting on the bridge of their spaceship and playing with a circle of light, which plays up and down between his palms like an oscilloscope reading, only without the oscilloscope.

"On this little ship, they travel to a number of planets, one of which is covered with ice..."

We received eight correct answers, so our winner was chosen by drawing. And he is...Dan Darr of Fort Worth, Texas:

"I found that flick! The movie J.W. describes is Star Crash, starring 'Babewatch' beau David Hasselhoff.

"This sci-fi adventure is a real stinker; I think its main purpose is to showcase the enormous talents of its female lead. It has gratuitous battle scenes where you can see strings from the model ships.

"The female star is always (of course) scantily clad in what looks like a leather bikini and thigh boots. One of the best scenes takes place on the ice planet, when she is outside with the incredibly human robot she befriended.

"She is locked out of the ship, and the robot advises her to lie down and hibernate. When they finally get her back in the ship, they defrost her and she is fine. I loved it--it was absolutely terrible. Check it out!"

Additional information came from our seven runners-up, including...Bruce Whitten of Dallas:

"Its other salient features include a robot with a Texas accent and Caroline Munro, who had her voice dubbed but her body exposed by wearing bikinis under transparent spacesuits.

"The character J.W. mentioned was played by Marjoe Gortner and, much like any movie Marjoe is in, he doesn't die soon enough."

Copyright 1995 by Joe Bob Briggs. Distributed by NYT Special Features/Syndication Sales.

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