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We Have a Winner!
In a previous column, Michelle McCulloch of Petaluma, Calif., asked about:
" English movie about a large frog (actually an undeveloped embryo) born of human parents.

"He lives in a pond in the middle of a typical English hedge maze. Sometimes he visits the house and leaves slop and water all over."

We received 28 correct answers, so our winner was chosen by drawing. And he is...Richard Brandt of El Paso, Texas:

"The movie is titled, appropriately enough, The Maze. Richard Carlson stars as the hero who inherits a Scottish maze and a mysterious little-seen relative who turns out to be the big croaker.

"Released in 1953 and filmed in 3-D, it was a low point in the career of director William Cameron Menzies."

Additional information came from our 27 runners-up, including...Mark Jurecki of Sunnyvale, Calif., who adds:

"Carlson is a newly married English lord who, upon assuming his inheritance, moves into the family castle with his bride. Carlson swears to keep the family secret--one of the earlier lords has lived for hundreds of years but is horribly deformed.

"In fact, he looks like a frog. Whenever the old frog has itchy skin, he has to flop down to the maze to soak in the pond. The midnight flopping and the midnight dip get the attention of Carlson's bride.

"She isn't in on the secret. In one scene, the butler and new lord shield the old boy with a drapery framework while they walk (and flop) down the candlelit hallway toward the maze. I'm not sure, but this flick might have been released in 3-D, or with some other process gimmick, maybe Toad-A-O?"

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