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Well, he had help on the last item. There are several drive-ins in Germany. There is one near Kaiserslautern and one on the north side of Stuttgart.

And if you think a Grade B is unintentionally funny in English, try it with German dubbing. Lips move and there are no words, there are words and no lips move. Terrific.

And German makes the villains who want to take over the world even meaner and more sinister.

My closing question is, "Why?" I've got enough trouble balancing my checkbook (at least I'm better than your average Congressperson) without conquering the world.

I guess the Ming the Merciless types don't think about all the headaches ruling the world (or universe) would give them.

Thomas L. Cole, U.S. Army, Germany

Dear Thomas:
Have you noticed how there's not a single country now that wants to take over the world? But they go to war anyway, because they always think somebody else wants to take over the world?

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