11th Street one-acts

Mamet script carries cast; actors can't do the same for Shanley's dreamer

However, she finds out in a visit to her dad that though the old man treated mom like yesterday's casserole, he really loved her. The reason he cheated on her and even neglected to visit her hospital deathbed was--you guessed it--the world is so messed up!

Occasionally witty moments relieve the tedium of some of the monologues, but the play would be a real endurance test if not for excellent performances by Liz Piazza Kelly as Donna and Guinn Powell as the dad. Kelly brings a dancer's physicality to her role. Powell, who must stand about six-foot-seven, commandeers the stage, and he also wields an understated wit to excellent effect. He is an actor who radiates intelligence, so that CR>his lines seem to have particular snap whether or not they are truly funny. As Tommy, Chadwick Chennault must wallow in inarticulate self-pity and old beer cans, which he does plausibly.

The Shawl and the dreamer examines his pillow run through August 26 at St. Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral. Call 522-PLAY for information.

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