Full-court press

There's too much static when Boyz and writers get on the party line

Shawn: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. None of that."
Sam: What do you guys do to chill out? What do you do on a Saturday or a Sunday besides shootin' videos?

Shawn: "Well, um, we try to play some basketball, we try to play pool..."
Sam: Don't let me find you...
Shawn: "...we like just hangin' out, goin' to the mall, shoppin', whatever."

Hey, Shawn, this is Antoinette with AJTV Productions, and I wanted to ask you--the new song "Broken-Hearted" with Brandy. How did that duet come about?

Shawn: "Well, Wanya [Morris, another of the Boyz] and Brandy are really good friends, and they've grown very close. We've all grown very close to Brandy. She's like our little sister."

Sam: Can I get a date?
Shawn: "Hello?"
Sam: No, go ahead, man.
Shawn: "What did you say?"
Sam: Can I get a date? Can I date your sister?
Shawn: "Oh, a date with Brandy? No."

Shawn, this is Lela Ward from the Herald-Dispatch newspapers in Los Angeles. What would you say is the biggest change of having such a successful career over the last four years? What has been the biggest change in your career--other than money and ladies fallin' at your feet?

Shawn: "We had to mature, we had to grow because the entertainment business forces that, it makes you go that way. You have to be more on your toes because you're not only a singer when you're on tour and takin' care of the things we take care of. You almost have to turn into businessmen, executives running a business and trying to make it run as smooth as possible."

Shawn, whassup? Sam, Straight from the Street in D.C. again. Yo, man, lemme ask you, do you have a good time in all these interviews? You guys are so hot!

Shawn: "You mean do we get tired of 'em?"
I mean, seriously. You guys wake up in the morning...Lemme put it like this. Describe to me your average day. What time do you guys wake up?

Shawn: "Uh, see, it differs. Our average day isn't average. We have different types of day."

Nine o'clock? Six o'clock? Eleven o'clock?
Shawn: "It could be."
Like, "Let's chill and wake up at 11 o'clock. Fuck it."

Shawn: "It could be 6 o'clock for a video shoot. It could be 11 o'clock for a recording session before a show. It could be 5 o'clock in the afternoon to go to the venue for a show. We have different situations for different shows. We don't get tired of interviews, per se, we just get tired."

It's an ugly situation.
"A lot of times we want to relax. We get tired. We're human beings. Everyone gets tired when things get to be too much."

Boyz II Men performs August 25 at the Starplex Amphitheatre. TLC, Montell Jordan, and Mary J. Blige will open.

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