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october 3
Colin Powell: If you caught Barbara Walter's hour-long "20/20" interview with General Colin Powell, it's hard not to make a comparison between the man who's heralded in the last few months as the most popular potential presidential candidate and a certain short, large-eared Texas billionaire who was, four years ago, heralded as the most popular potential presidential candidate. Of course, Perot did go on to make a history-making bid for the job, then squandered his cachet on ego and faux coyness. While Powell seems to possess a more even temper, the way he has handled his non-campaign for the presidency is troubling. Powell built his career as a four-star general on a foundation of caution and conformity. The rude, unruly, cutthroat American political scene ain't the U.S. armed forces. Can Powell build consensus in an era when people pride themselves on not listening to each other? Powell appears to sign copies of his autobiography at 6 p.m. at Taylors Prestonwood, 5455 Belt Line Road. For more information call 934-1500.

october 4
Brothers: Victims of the Conspiracy: Whether or not you believe O.J. Simpson is guilty of murder, his defense team has managed to raise some troubling questions about the manner in which the Los Angeles Police Department collected and processed evidence. These are the same questions which have been raised for years by folks who insist that Sirhan Sirhan was not responsible, or at least not solely responsible, for the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968. The conspiracy theorists behind RFK's murder don't seem to get as much attention as those who've built a cottage industry around the killing of JFK, but they do indeed exist, and have somewhat of a mentor in researcher-filmmaker Theodore Charach, whose award-winning documentary The Second Gun claims to present new evidence about the murder. Brothers: Victims of the Conspiracy is an exhibit at the Conspiracy Museum presented in conjunction with Charach that outlines the recovery, after 15 years in an Arkansas lake, of a gun owned by one Thane Cesar, a security guard who was behind Kennedy at the time of his death. The Conspiracy Museum is located at 110 S. Market opposite to Kennedy Memorial in the Katy Building. Tickets are $3-$7. For info call 741-3040.

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