Dance this Mess around

They're punk, they're pop, and in love with teen queens and Marcia Brady

"Steve's the only one who's truly talented when it comes to playing his instrument," Malippa says. "Chris can write songs great, but Chris and I aren't musicians by any means. We're kinda fakin' it."

"No one would really consider me a great guitarist or singer by normal standards, at least," Mess says. "But maybe by punk standards."

Dave Abbruzzese, the Dallas-born drummer who hopes someday to be known as something other than "ex-Pearl Jam drummer," phoned from his Seattle home to say the album he recorded with Ten Hands' Paul Slavens and Gary Muller and former Whild Peach guitarist Doug Neil is completed. Recorded during the past nine months in Dallas at producer David Castell's Garland studio, the album was mixed and mastered a few weeks ago in Abbruzzese's Seattle studio and is ready for release. All that remains now, Abbruzzese says, is finding a label to distribute the album, though he has yet to begin shopping it around.

"The guys were up here for 10 days, and we all discussed what we were all in for, what we wanted to deal with, and what we wanted to see happen," Abbruzzese says. "Now we'll start working toward seeing what happens. It's still a long way to go toward finding out which way it turns out, but it's way exciting.

"The priority is to let people who want to hear it hear it. We feel like we had a great time and made what we feel is a great record. The priority at the beginning was to do it for ourselves, and we're anxious to let other people have it. In that light, it's important we do get it out in some form, but we're definitely not looking to become the next big thing."

Abbruzzese, Slavens, Muller, and Neil have also talked about playing some live shows in Dallas and Seattle (at the very least), but they're not in a hurry to do so; as Abbruzzese explains, the album is so layered and overdubbed and so much a product of the studio it would be difficult to make the transition to the concert stage.

"We could go and have a good time playing at Club Dada and it'd be fun, but it wouldn't brush the surface of the record because there's so much going on," he says. In the meantime, Abbruzzese is seeking new management, fishing, bowling, and building an art gallery in Bali. Eddie Vedder should be having so much fun.

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