What Peavy actually said

Interruption in tape
Other: Ms. Ewell is sure behind the Newsome.
Peavy: I believe she's the most....I...want to say she's an asshole, I know that. I can't stand her ass. I can tell that she's [an] asshole because I know how she treats me. She just kisses my ass.

Other: She does the same thing to Sandy, right? If I were pissed off she would ask what it's about.

Peavy: I could go in there and wear the ugliest fucking tie I've got, and know it's ugly, she'd still....black mother fucker in a god-damned lot, and then put it on, knowing it's the ugliest one I got [and] that cow would say "Mr. Peavy, that sure is a beautiful tie you have on today." That's what that cow would say.

Interruption in tape
Peavy: ...white boy...I never really liked the fucking nigger, and I won't now; not like Sandy Kress. I won't....He's an ignorant mother fucker.....He's weak...he even makes a nice picture. Until he opens his mouth, until he says something, then you know he is a fucking amateur. You know, I lay you odds, that question by question, without any practice, I could answer it better for the press and for the TV than he does. Right now, no practice or anything, you just ask me the questions.

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