Sea of sap

21st Century Road Gang smothers On Golden Pond in sweetness

The same holds true for Norman's big showdown with Chelsea. You expect some pyrotechnics here, but in a statically blocked scene, father and daughter come to a rapprochement quicker than Chamberlain and Hitler.

Grant James as Norman has the appealing side of Norman's character down pat. He takes the big, slow, softball straight lines he's fed and whacks them out of the park. The problem is that this production really needs a more malignant Norman, whom we may or may not come to accept warts and all, not an old Mr. Softy Norman who's just a sheep in wolf's clothing.

On Golden Pond has some funny and sweet moments, but like most sweets, it eventually sets your teeth on edge.

On Golden Pond runs through October 28 at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake. Call 948-1946.

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