The DNA match
On September 18, a vociferous letter to the editor appeared on the editorial page of the Morning News. The letter-writer took umbrage with a Nancy Lieberman-Cline column alleging racism in the world of sports, which asserted that blacks are "underrepresented" at quarterback in football.

"Has anybody out there noticed that there is not one white starting tailback in the entire National Football League?....Has anybody noticed that every single starting defensive back in the NFL is black?....Why isn't anybody crying about white 'underrepresentation' at defensive back?

"The bottom line is that the best players at those positions happen to be black..."

The name attached to the letter prompted a call to BeloWatch. Surely the News had been hoaxed. The name: Gene Pool.

BeloWatch is grateful for the tip (keep 'em coming, gentle readers), but must report that the News letter-checking department remains unsullied. Chalk this up instead to the curious coincidences category--Dallas does indeed boast a letter-writing resident named Gene Pool.

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