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This is a risky thing to say, because I don't know how many of your male subscribers fit into that category. (No offense, but I would not care to meet at least two of the males whose words appear in a recent "Joe Bob's Advice to the Hopeless.")

Are there any thinking male readers out there who can even imagine the value of nonmonogamy, aside from sex?

Keep in mind that I am not asking for partners here. I'm curious about how many guys' minds work like mine.

Jean Hohl, Berkeley, Calif.

Dear Jean:
OK, the results are in, and here's the answer to your question:
Percentage of Joe Bob readers who are "nonmonogamous"--5. Percentage of Joe Bob readers who never have sex at all--85. Percentage of Joe Bob readers who claim to be "nonmonogamous" --100. Pretty pathetic, isn't it?

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