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Women in Therapy & Topless Babes: Praise to the heavens for dirty art! Dallas audiences will get a double dose of the stuff in a joint exhibition by two Dallas-based painters. Of course, there's dirty art and then there's boring pornography--self-respecting erotic artists, like every other kind of artist, must rely on more than the surface shock value of the subject to engage the viewer. The show, which features the works of Rosemary Meza (also a local poet who performs widely and is the 1995 recipient of the DMA's prestigious Kimbrough Award) and Steve Cruz, promises as much technique as titillation. Women in Therapy & Topless Babes opens November 18, 6-9 pm at 500X Gallery, 500 Exposition Avenue. It's free. For info call 828-1111.

november 19
Alice Neel (1900-1984): The Complete Prints: The feminist movement in contemporary art began in the 1960s as a reaction to the stifling provincialism and patriarchy of the arts world. Unfortunately, many of the first wave of self-identified feminist artists produced work just as stifling. But what feminist creators, scholars, and critics did achieve was the salvation of some nearly lost names in American art. One of the greatest beneficiaries was the portraitist Alice Neel, whose linear, color-harmonious canvases and prints predated by almost 30 years the raw fascination with the human body that many feminists explored in their groundbreaking work. But Neel utilized her images less as a political weapon than a gut-instinct expression of her own fascination with the physical. The Gallery at SMU presents the first comprehensive exhibition of her print collection, titled Alice Neel (1900-1984). The show runs through December 17 at The Gallery in the Meadows School of the Arts on the grounds of Southern Methodist University. It's free. For info call 768-4439.

november 20
Bullet in the Head: Although not the disaster cinema purists feared, last year's foray into the American mainstream by Asian action auteur John Woo (the Jean Claude Van Damme vehicle Hard Target) hardly took domestic audiences by storm. If a veteran filmmaker as consummately skilled at orchestrating escalating rings of mayhem as Woo couldn't please mayhem-happy U.S. ticketbuyers, then clearly something got lost in the translation (let's blame Van Damme). Virtually every action film fan who's discovered Woo's spare, mythical, deadpan Chinese shoot 'em-ups agrees he is the master of screen violence as an art form. The USA Film Festival presents one of the director's favorite works as part of its Independent Showcase. Bullet in the Head follows three friends (two of whom are played by Woo regulars Tony Leung and Waise Lee) who escape to Vietnam and stumble into a very messy hunt for a cache of gold. The 136-minute director's cut being screened tonight is unavailable on video and makes its Dallas premiere. Bullet in the Head screens at 7:30 pm at the AMC Glen Lakes Theatre, 9450 N Central Expressway. Tickets are $6.50. For more information call 821-NEWS.

november 21
The Killing of a President: The killing of JFK is like a wound that gets reopened every few years with the release of a new book, new article, or new movie. The Washington, D.C.-based Coalition on Political Assassinations is a year-old organization dedicated to making sure the scar doesn't heal until all the facts are in. The Coalition sponsors a two-day gathering in the city to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of John Kennedy's murder and continue the call for full government disclosure of related documents. Speeches, lectures, meetings, films and other events are planned daily November 21 & 22 in the Paramount Hotel Ballroom, 302 S Houston St as well as near the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza. Tickets to individual events are $10-$15. For info call 691-4592.

november 22
Holiday on Thin Ice: The Dallas improv comedy troupe 4 Out of 5 Doctors swings from the subject of death (its last show was Jack Kevorkian/Unplugged), to another horrifying, cruel inevitability in life--the holidays, a time of year when the pressure to be kind and generous is great but the temptation to crab even greater. With this in mind, the Doctors present Holiday on Thin Ice, a program of skits, song and movie parodies, and a little bit of improvisation based on the sticky hard candy of Christmas themes. Look for Texas variations like The Bridges of Kaufman County next to much-deserving satirical targets such as Jerry Jones and John Wiley Price. The show runs every Wednesday at 8 pm through December 20 at the Improvisation Comedy Club, 4980 Belt Line Rd. Tickets are $8. For more information call 404-0323.

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