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december 5
The Greater Dallas Career Fair: Job fairs can be scary affairs for people who haven't quite honed their networking skills (which would probably be the majority of us), much in the same way that singles events can intimidate the unattached. The reigning two questions that overshadow both are: "How desperate am I? How desperate do I appear?" The Greater Dallas Career Fair comes 'round again to offer assistance for a fairly limited cross-section of the unemployed--recent college graduates and experienced professionals. Both local and national companies have sent representatives to discuss positions they wish to fill in industries such as computer science, insurance, telecommunications, finance, and more. The Fair happens 10 am-1 pm and 2-5 pm at the Grand Kempinski, 15201 Dallas Parkway. It's free. Call (402) 697-9503.

december 6
The Biggest Book Signing in Texas: The range of authors who've agreed to appear at "Authors & Autographs 1995: The Biggest Book Signing in Texas" offers a fascinating glimpse into the contemporary publishing industry and how it attempts to locate and court the most profitable niche for a rather specialized subject. Events like "The Biggest Book Signing in Texas" both undermine that philosophy (how much specialization is possible in a room full of such diverse talents?) and dramatically illustrate it. The 105 Texas authors included in this sign-a-thon are fitness gurus such as Larry North and Dr. Kenneth Cooper; TV celebrities like Chip Moody; true-crime hounds such as Carlton Stowers; and right-wingers like William Murchison. The event kicks off at 5 pm in the Umphrey Lee Center Ballroom of Southern Methodist University. Admission is a $5 donation at the door, which goes toward the Press Club of Dallas Foundation Scholarship Fund as well as the literacy programs of Dallas Can! Academy. For info call 740-9988.

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