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Santa's Cruise: Today's the last day to take an Italian-inspired spin with Santa on the Mandalay Canal. Before you rush to beat the deadline, remember that the Jolly Old Man doesn't do much exercise, so distribute the weight on the water sleigh with care (or bring your life preserver along). This is a nice change of pace from the overworked mall Santas, and this one offers his services to adults as well as children. You and your sweetheart can set sail December 21-23 between noon and 5 p.m. at the Mandalay Canal in Irving. The water-sleigh station is situated next to the Texas Bar & Grill. For more information, call 556-0625.

december 24
A Christmas Carol: For many Dallasites, the Dallas Theater Center's annual performance of A Christmas Carol has become a Christmas Eve ritual, even when, as in 1995, Randy Moore isn't playing Scrooge. Although we're tempted to roll our eyes at anyone's umpteenth production of this Dickens chestnut, we count our blessings when we consider all the horrendous "reinterpretations" that might be undertaken to freshen the material. The final performance takes place in the Arts District Theater, 2401 Flora. For time and ticket information, call 522-TIXX.

Woman Addressing the Public: She's 12 feet tall, weighs about 6,000 pounds, and is just waiting for some idiot frat-boys to try and remove her. She's Woman Addressing the Public: Project for a Monument, a 1981 bronze sculpture by the modern Spanish master Joan Miro, and she's just been installed at the east entrance of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. She's half bird and half woman, with arms open to either give you a big hug or crush the life out of you, depending on your point of view at the moment. The Kimbell Art Museum is located at 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd in Fort Worth. For more information, call (817) 877-1264.

december 25
Annual Christmas Dinner: If you're reading this newspaper and you have a place to sleep and food in the fridge, close your eyes and say a silent prayer of thanks. If you're not exactly sure where today's meal is gonna come from, hightail it to the Granada Movie Grill for their annual Christmas Dinner. It's a service the Granada provides every year for those who are less fortunate, and will this year include a free screening of the Bill Murray comedy Scrooged. The organizers hope to be able to provide gently used clothes, coats, and toys for families who are really needy. Dinner is served noon-5 p.m., and the film begins around 1:30 p.m. The Granada is located at 3524 Greenville. For information, call 826-0730.

december 26
Romanticism to Fauvism: Selections From the Permanent Collection: The Dallas Museum of Art has decided to dig into its permanent collection for an exhibition to inaugurate a series focusing on works on paper. Romanticism to Fauvism: Selections From the Permanent Collection features a host of dead, white Europeans who are the reason most of us go to the museum and gallery. Cezanne, Van Gogh, Pissarro, Degas, Renoir, Manet, Delacroix, Jean-Franois Millet, and Theodore Rousseau are all included in the exhibit, which also features ten satirical lithographs by Honore Daumier. Romanticism to Fauvism runs through January 15 at 1717 N. Harwood. For more information, call 922-1200.

december 27
Kujichagulia: The South Dallas Cultural Center plans a special African celebration to mark the Kwanzaa ideal of kujichagulia, or "self-determination." A group of individuals who have decided to reclaim their African heritage by renaming themselves are honored with a ceremony that includes the lighting of the kujichagulia candle. Following this will be a lecture by Drs. George and Yvonne Abatso, who are themselves preparing to move to George's birthplace of Ghana. The South Dallas Cultural Center is located at 3400 Fitzhugh. Admission is free. For information, call 670-0314.

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