Theater was alive in '95

Last year's offerings brightened local stage

For the kiddies, as Ed Sullivan used to say, there is:
First-rate children's theater. Dallas is fortunate to have one of the best kids' theaters in the country with the Dallas Children's Theater. The DCT pulls together the resources to mount productions that are more than just some goofball in a bunny suit playing all the parts in Alice in Wonderland. Both Winnie the Pooh and The Christmas Witch brought elaborate stages, competent actors, and the excitement of live drama to the stage, much to the delight of the "Romper Room" crowd and their doting parents.

No theatrical scene is complete without an awards ceremony, and in 1995 Dallas got a new one--the "Leons." With any luck, these awards will bring additional attention to the variety and excellence to be found in Dallas theater.

In summation, there was as much good stuff on the boards to choose from in 1995 as anyone had a right to expect. What's lacking in Dallas more often than not is a good audience, not a good play. So here's to more warm buttocks in the seats in 1996.

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