Necessary angels

Tony Kushner's Angels in America finds meaning in epic suffering

The rest of the cast is uniformly outstanding, particularly Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as Belize, the "former ex-drag queen," Stephen Markle as real-life lawyer and commie-baiter Roy Cohn, and Robert Gomes as Joe Pitt, a Mormon lawyer attempting to thrust down his homosexual feelings. Sheriden Thomas, in a small but vivid role as Pitt's ramrod Mormon mom, nearly steals the show from these talented actors, as she seems to have literally wandered onto the stage straight from Salt Lake City.

Angels in America, with its topical references to the Reagan family, Ed Meese, Woody Allen, et al., and with its edginess about the future and America's place in it, is clearly a play for our time. This same rootedness in the last decade of the 20th century may make the play dramatically and thematically obsolete in a few short years, particularly when the millennium comes and goes and the world continues to muddle by unheeded by the Great Enigma in the Sky.

Right now, though, it's the show to see.
Angels in America runs through April 21 at the Arts District Theatre. Call 526-8210.

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