Fight for a King

Houston club comes to town carrying a lawsuit with Elvis' estate

The comeback keeps coming back: Local soul great Bobby Patterson's surprise guest shot during Golden Smog's March 14 South by Southwest convention concert in Austin--in front of 3,000 people, many of them music-industry types--was a giant leap for a man still taking his first small steps toward a second chance. But his few minutes of glory, brilliantly dueting with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy on Patterson's own "She Don't Have to See You (To See Through You)," have blossomed: Last week, MTV featured Patterson's performance during a Week in Rock segment about SXSW. The short piece contained footage of Patterson's performance and an interview with Tweedy in which he sang Patterson's praises and explained the soul singer's place in history. And what an endorsement: "He's got the voice of Otis Redding," Tweedy said, though most people who watch MTV will have no idea what that means...

Tex Edwards and the Cornflake Killers will reunite (I know, did they ever really disappear?) for a show April 5 at the Barley House, celebrating the release of their new Only Boy Records CD, Up Against the Floor. Homer Henderson, who recently departed our lovely city for the confines of Austin, will open with his one-man band that's really neither...

Ray Wylie Hubbard calls Poetry, Texas, his home, but that's only because he likes to rhyme things like "cold dirt" and "old shirt." Still, we take him for granted (when we take him at all), and every so often he proves there's still some potent whiskey left at the bottom of his bottle. On April 4 at the Sons of Hermann Hall--a place so hallowed even a hack sounds like a hero on its stage--Hubbard, Darden Smith, and Chuck Pyle will sit around in a circle, play their songs, tell their stories, and prove why every songwriter with an acoustic guitar can be a star in the Texas sky for at least one night...

Though the Dallas Observer Music Awards nightlong showcase doesn't take place until April 14 in Deep Ellum, the event kicks off April 6 at Borders Books and Music in Preston Royal when a host of nominees perform throughout the afternoon. Beginning at 2 p.m. and running until 7, the lineup features, in order of appearance, Cowboys and Indians, Big Al Dupree, Meredith Miller, Slobberbone, and The Centromatic Band (better known as Will Johnson, drummer for Funland)...

At the risk of even more self-promotion (though it's for a charitable cause), the second volume of the Observer's local-music collection--Scene, Heard Volume 2: More Rare and Unreleased Tracks--hits a record store near you this week. The CD, which sells for $5.99, features 18 local artists: Bobby Patterson, The Centromatic Band, Triple Crown, Comet, Mazinga Phaser, Mess, Hagfish, Dooms U.K., Meredith Miller, The Mutineers, Slobberbone, Peacock (formerly the Cricket Taylor Band), cottonmouth, texas, Shabazz 3, Big Al Dupree, Ed Hagan with Cafe Noir, and Shelley Carrol with The Duke Ellington Orchestra. And, as was the case with last year's disc, all proceeds will go toward the Dallas Musicians Benevolent Society, a local musicians' health-care trust fund that is nearly up and running.

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