Wish Woman

She hasn't got money or connections. But straight-shooting Linda Terrell is helping dying grownups live their dreams.

When she allows herself to project a future for Wishing on the Lone Star, Terrell sees a deluxe new computer and a bigger office in place of the present rag-tag digs. She says if she could figure out how to ask a big, fancy foundation for money, she'd gladly don the mink coat her mother gave her last year, pile her long and wild graying hair on top of her head, and hobnob with the horsey set. Whatever it takes.

Till then, Terrell and her workaday board of directors will continue to hold their monthly meetings, going over wish requests and finances, around her kitchen table.

"It's nothing fancy, but we seem to be getting a lot done," she says. "It's just, you know, grab a cup of coffee and a Twinkie, and let's get down to business.

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