Undoubtedly the power elite at the S-T, whoever it is this week, is shaking in his or her or its boots. Will local Baptists construe the boycott on Disney products to mean canceling their Star-Telegram subscriptions?

Speaking of stupid
When your newspaper's been pushed and manipulated by right-wing religios like so much Play-Doh, bought and sold by media giants like a sack of mulch, and doesn't even know who the hell's in charge from day to day, what would you do to improve morale?

At the Star-Telegram, you subject your managers to humiliation. As a gag at a recent managers meeting, the top 10 leaders were chosen--all male--and asked to don flamboyant shorts. They became part of a "Mr. Star Legs" contest.

Now, Buzz appreciates a pair of hairy legs as much as the next mammal, but with the Star-Telegram's track record for sexual-harassment complaints, we gotta wonder. Does anybody over there get it?

--Glen Warchol

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