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The old world discovers the Old 97's

No tears here
Ask area fans of Texas music what most often finds them awake in the middle of the night, tearfully forcing back a sob and crying "Why?" and many of them will mention the late, great Three Teardrops Tavern and its ebullient Friday evening happy hours. Well, dry your eyes: Mike Snider is reviving the concept at the Sons of Hermann Hall, where he consistently books some of the best Texas talent on wheels. Hosted by Little John Holloway, DJ for the "Texas Renegade Radio Hour" on KNON-FM 89.3, Friday afternoon at the Sons will return to the 3T's concept of the free, catered honky-tonk happy hour with an early evening show by one of the night's featured acts. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the feed commences at 6; things kick off July 12 with Asleep at the Wheel and Cowboys and Indians.

Scene, heard
Super Secret Weapon will open for industrial combo Filter in Oklahoma City July 20 after Filter splits off from opening for bat-biting fat boy Ozzy Osbourne to do its own show. SSW lead singer, guitarist, and founder David Wayne is excited both about the gig and a new demo the band should have ready to release right about now. "People forget about you in two weeks," Wayne allows, "but we're really--finally--getting some things to choose from"...

Local alternative band Finger--formerly Goldfinger until the identically named Los Angeles punk-pop band called and nicely asked the band to stop using the name--has just released an 11-song CD under its new attenuated name on Buda Records. The band will celebrate the release with a show at 10 p.m. July 12 at Trees, followed by Tablet and Quickserv Johnny...

Call it the name change show, but Wonderland--now, after three years, changing its name to birch county--will be on the same bill. The band spent the last spring restructuring under the guidance of David Castell, known for his work with Deep Blue Something and Course of Empire. Earlier the band had recorded an album it wasn't too happy with, so the band decided not to release it and to seek higher guidance--i.e., Castell, who wasn't too excited about doing another local band. "It was a struggle to convince him to do it," remembers band manager Roger Bishara, "but we finally got him to come out to a show and he loved it." Castell has guided the band through something of a reshaping. "He looked at the songs and added some parts, took away others," Bishara reports. "It gave us a better flow and a more professional sound...You can really tell the difference." The reformation has resulted in the addition of a rhythm guitarist, Paul Reid, a longtime chum of guitarist Brett Bledsoe. For the CD EP the band will be debuting on the 12th, Castell put in more than 100 hours of preproduction with the group...

Monte Warden, whom Buddy Holly haunts when not spooking around with Colin "Otto Man" Boyd, plays Chuy's July 17 as part of the restaurant's summer show schedule, followed by Josh Alan on the 24th...

On July 16 rubberbullet hosts a throw-down in honor of open, its new Last Beat release. The party, which will feature the band doing a rare acoustic set, will be held from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the State Bar in Exposition Park.

Street Beat welcomes info and other stuff at Matt_Weitz@dallasobserver.com. Thank you and good night.

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