Zoo story

Pegasus Theatre rounds out a Nicky Silver festival with Raised in Captivity

Unfortunately, Pegasus director Mark Fleischer cannot seem to distinguish between Silver's low comedy and high drama, to the extent that this production feels like a mud slide through which the actors occasionally poke through to display their gifts. Templeton is the most fascinating of the performers and emblematic of the show as a whole. She's a loose cannon, shifting between spittle-flying tirades and vulnerable expressions of pseudo-nurturing. Keating, as Sebastian, finally discovers his character in the second act, too late to rescue the production. Andi Allen as Mom and counselor and Jim Hopkins (doing a cool variation on Charles Nelson Reilly) as the spacy dentist are the production's reliably funny anchors.

Raised in Captivity is a zoo story of disgruntled adults, roaming around their cages with exposed teeth and childish appetites. Since both the characters and their audience are left hungry at curtain time, you can only blame Pegasus Theatre for withholding the red meat.

Raised in Captivity runs through August 31. Call 821-6005.

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