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We Have a Winner!
Steve Carrier of Barcelona, Spain, wrote:
"When I first came to Spain in 1991, I caught the last half of what was (I think) an American sci-fi film.

"I'm pretty sure it starred Martin Kove, who played the evil karate instructor in the first Karate Kid. I think he was playing an alien who was hiding on earth and being chased by other aliens.

"I also think he had lost his memory, because he was having flashbacks and was having a difficult time controlling his alien powers. A teen-age girl was helping him out.

"I can't be sure about any of this, though, because it was dubbed into Spanish and my Spanish skills were very poor at the time.

"Can your faithful readers put this mystery to rest for me?"
We had three correct answers, so the winner was chosen at random. And he is...Stephen A. Blaylock of Garland, Texas:

"The name of the movie is Doin' Time on Planet Earth. It was also made into a short-lived TV series on CBS."

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