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A first album is born, among other things

Hunky dory, yes? No. Band helmsmen the Rueffer brothers, Reggie and Chad, along with Davis Bickston--veteran local musicians best known for their late, lamented band, Mildred--have been sitting on their hands for more than six weeks now, awaiting word on what their next single will be and watching the momentum of "June" slowly ebb. The band is reportedly beginning to question Interscope's commitment, and suspicions are growing that the label isn't really interested in the band at all, but has acquired Spot so as to wring every last dollar out of "June," after which the band will be discarded a la an old melon rind or possibly Deep Blue Something. Only time will tell if Interscope will give Spot the long-term chance the band deserves or let it wither in the name of short-term gain.

Denton ska band the Grown-Ups has decided to call it quits after three years, playing its final hometown show August 3 at Rick's Place. The show ended with more than 30 people on stage and singer-saxman Dan Bailey repeatedly smashing his instrument against the floor. Field reports indicate that the incredibly lame Sex Pistols-as-Sha-Na-Na show August 2 was instrumental in the Grown-Ups' decision to pack it in. The band will play two more gigs--August 10 in Austin and August 17 in Houston--before officially disbanding. A full-length CD of unreleased material should be out before the end of the year.

Scene, heard
UFOFU has signed with the Medicine label, home to the Cramps, Green Apple Quickstep, and Jonathan Fire*Eater. The band will go into the studio late this month to start work on an album to be released in January. "It's weird," UFOFU guitarist Joe Butcher says. "People call it 'getting signed' when you go with a major, but they don't really call it that when it's an indie..." Regardless of what you call it, Slowpoke also appears on the fast track to being signed. The band is being courted--hell, heavily petted--by a number of major labels including Elektra, Geffen, and Interscope. No doubt bearing all this in mind, Vibrolux has moved to Los Angeles...

Recently added show: Download, featuring Kevin Cey from now-defunct Skinny Puppy, will be bringing its ambient-industrial-trance-groove thang to Club Clearview August 8.

Rick Koster and Zac Crain contributed to this Street Beat, an entity that welcomes all such info, poop, straight dope, and innuendo at Go see some live music; you deserve it.

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