Par for the course

Golf is the latest sport victimized by sexual mythologising in Tin Cup

But while Don Johnson, with his devilish, winking smugness, and Cheech Marin as Roy's sidekick, Romeo, lend great support, they can't quite make up for the stiff performance of Rene Russo. The part of Molly is woefully underwritten--why she moved to Salome to start a therapy practice is one of the many unexplored contrivances she's forced to grapple with--but we've come to expect her to give credence to these kinds of roles. Yet Russo fails to shoulder her end of the bargain: making the love affair work. After the movie was over, the woman sitting next to me said, "She's no Susan Sarandon." And Tin Cup is no Bull Durham--no matter how hard it tries.

Tin Cup. Warner Bros. Kevin Costner, Rene Russo, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin. Written by John Norville and Ron Shelton. Directed by Ron Shelton. Opens August 16.

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