Bridging the gap

311 blurs the line between rock and rap

The success of 311 has inevitably led to controversy. 311 shirts were banned in some high schools after it was reported that the band's ambiguous moniker, which is police code for indecent exposure--referring to a long-ago incident involving a midnight swim at a local pool without regulation swim wear--and is a symbol for the Ku Klux Klan (K being the 11th letter of the alphabet and repeated three times). Proponents of the theory have obviously not heard 311's lyrics, which are all about respect and love for others and, above all, unity.

The band will take some time off before heading to the studio to record another album. Sexton has already worked at home on the basic tracks for several songs, but he says it is still early in the process.

"I've laid down some beats electronically, but I won't really know what kind of songs they are going to be until Nick and Doug decide if they want to sing or rap," he says. "I usually write about 40 percent of the songs, but they usually write the lyrics, so we'll have to see what they want to do.

"But the beats we've laid down so far are kickass. This next album is going to be like something you've never heard before. It's going to be, like, futuristic space music. It's still going to be hard, but also really electronic sounding. It'll definitely still be us."

311 plays the Bomb Factory August 15.

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