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There are no technicolor yawns in the slick bulimia thriller 301 302

Ultimately, Chul-Soo Park doesn't let any humanitarian message dilute the twisted good time that a thoughtful thriller like 301 302 offers in heaping spoonfuls. The Korean government already has declared the film its official entry for consideration in the Academy Awards' 1996 Best Foreign Film competition. It's hard to hold out much hope for 301 302 in a field where molasses-slow historical epics about cultural repression are the blue-ribbon bets. Chul-Soo probably would've needed to raise the feminist ante considerably to deflect Academy members' attention away from the cannibalism, rape, doggie-boiling, full-frontal upchucking, and other treats served up with balletic panache here. With or without Oscar's seal of approval, 301 302 is a stylish chiller destined for a place of honor in the international cult pantheon.

As part of its Independent Showcase, the USA Film Festival screens 301 302 September 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the AMC Glen Lakes Theatre, 9450 N. Central Expressway. Call 821-

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