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Singer Edie Brickelland some old Bohemians Slip into something viable

The Slip will continue to practice and perform here--"kind of a screwed-up way to do it," says Withrow. But in the band's one-time hometown, Brickell's mother can babysit the singer's two children--son Adrian Edward and daughter Lulu--and the band easily can get gigs.

The Slip performed two full sets June 7 and 8 on Dada's moonlit patio to more-attentive nightcrawlers in full wriggle, flawlessly executing more than a dozen new songs and a few covers, including a lighthearted rendition of War's "Cisco Kid" that Friday; and the Marcels/Elvis hit "Blue Moon" and Martha and the Vandellas' "Heat Wave" Saturday. Withrow was particularly fluid, and Baird--who this year quit Texpatriot-to-Kansas funk band Billy Goat--was soulful and subtle.

"Thanks ya'll for being here," an elated Brickell said midset Saturday. "We're trying to get it together with all these new songs, working through 'em and playing 'em...and being very unprofessional...but it feels very good."

Brickell also performed some solo material, like the thoughtful "Lost in the Moment" from Picture Perfect, and a few romantic duets with Withrow.

For set-closing jams, the Slip was joined Friday by the Spin Doctors (who headlined Starplex earlier that evening); and Saturday by original Bohemian drummer Brandon Aly, a conga-heavy rumble to which Brickell gave...the slip--retiring before the instrumental's raucous peak.

She's not mad/She's quiet
She's not quiet/She's just afraid
Nothin' to say/Shy
Must I always be afraid
of what my heart feels?
Must I always feel the pain/never to reveal?
Nothin' to say
The Slip

"It was one of the coolest experiences of my life," says Audra Smith--a member of the online Edie Brickell Mailing List ( the two Slip performances she attended in Seattle August 28.

"The first show was at Gasworks Park, which is filled with old metal equipment. It was on a makeshift stage in front of an open-air building. I assumed there would be armed guards around [Brickell]," says the *XX**-year-old college student who had never before seen the former Bohemians perform. "I was wrong. I just walked backstage. I saw a small group of people just talking casually...[Brickell] was wearing a red T-shirt and Levis with some funky Birkenstock-looking straw shoes and white socks. She wasn't wearing any makeup, and her hair looked like she had just washed it and let it air-dry. I was quite surprised by what a petite person she is.

Audra felt awkward asking for Brickell's autograph. "I said, 'I feel kind of cheesy...,' and she said, 'I understand.' [Brickell] had a more drawly voice than I thought she would," but her singing "was the best thing I had ever heard.

"The night show was at the OK Hotel," Audra recounts. "The place was very hot and there were no chairs--well, about three. It was pretty uncomfortable, but the Slip came on and it was OK for a while. They played...more new ones and a couple of old ones: 'Ghost of a Dog' and 'Forgiven,' which they said they hadn't played in about five years. I left quite fulfilled.

"Here's a little bonus ditty that Edie sang between songs," Audra relates. "'I'm a pair of pants; can't keep my mouth shut. Your butt is my brain.' Whatever."

Why don't you come up
you could stay for an hour?
And if you come up
you could stay for the whole night through
Baby, if you want/you could just take a shower
Do just what you want,
baby, do what you wanna do
The Slip

Proceeds from the $21 tickets to the Slip performance at the Majestic Theatre (which, this being the real world, is being billed as Edie Brickell and the Slip) will benefit Little Folks School, a 43-year-old nonprofit in southeast Dallas that provides childcare services to low-income families. The balcony will be closed and only 1,000 tickets sold for the gala affair. Says Little Folks development director Sally Fay, "One of our selling points [to Brickell] was the intimacy." Boheads and Slippers can "expect an eclectic a cozy ambiance."

All Slip songs identified by working titles transcribed from a recent set list

The Slip performs Thursday, October 17, at The Majestic Theatre. Comedy troupe 4 out of 5 Doctors opens.

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