Falling star

In the black business community, Alphonso Solomon's promise isn't worth much anymore

In the meantime, Milbank has been busy trying to liquidate Solomon's remaining assets and pay some of the bills. There are only two large assets remaining: the stock in the Unique VI company, and 156 acres on Camp Wisdom Road. Milbank says it could be anywhere from six months to a year before the case is finally resolved.

Solomon continues to challenge the decisions against him in court. Some of those who once did business with Solomon are left with bitter memories. None of the principals from Graham Barber College would talk about Solomon, declining via a certified letter. The Unique VI building is on the sales block. Harris, whose dream of a black-owned office building ran afoul of Solomon's ambition, hasn't been back in the building since he packed up his graphic design things and went home in 1992.

"To this day, it is painful for me to go by that building," Harris says. "The plantation mentality took over."

Blaine Jon Howard contributed to this report.

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