Junkyard jazz

The Calways go a little crazy

Will the Vickery Tavern spin out of the orbit of cool venues dear to more-than-alternative bands like Transona Five? Only time will tell...

Hard Night's Day, Beatles cover band extraordinaire, will play the KERA Thursday evening free show at Chuy's October 23...

Austin rockers Loose Diamonds return to town on October 30. Showtime is 8 p.m.; you can be home asleep before the news is over...

Solitaire Music, a music publisher based in Dallas, is announcing a nationwide talent contest; the prize is a recording contract with Solitaire Records, a division of you-know-who; for more info call (214) 823-2926; the deadline is December 31...

Speaking of deadlines, bands interested in playing at the annual South by Southwest music festival have already missed the one for early application...

Congrats to Thing One on the occasion of the just-released Brother Humble, its CD debut, which mixes funk, rock, and a hint of prog...

On October 26, some of Dallas' most renowned jazz musicians will conduct classes, discussions, and lectures on the history and culture of jazz for A Tribute to Jazz: A Celebration of America's Classical Music. Among those particpating will be Marchel Ivery, James Gilyard, and Earl Harvin. The Saturday conference, to be held at the African-American Museum in Fair Park, will be followed by a concert at the Dallas Convention Center that starts at 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 27; both events are free and open to the public.

Street Beat welcomes all info and scurrilous bandinage at Matt_Weitz@dallasobserver.com.

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