Accidental scam

Little League officials meant well, but their raffle was a crime

Although Little League volunteers assured Groshardt she would get her $2 back, she says she was concerned enough about the appearance of impropriety to write a letter to the Texas attorney general's consumer protection division.

Sanchez says Groshardt's complaint is the only one on file with the attorney general regarding Little League Baseball of Dallas. "It doesn't sound like there was a deliberate attempt to mislead," she says.

The fine print on the tickets for last spring's raffle stated that Little League had the right to cancel the drawing at any time, and that all proceeds would benefit the organization.

"Here's the sweet part of the story,"Hampton says. "Next spring, we're going to put all the unclaimed tickets back in the hat again. And we'll sell enough tickets this time. We will give that car away next year. We sure will.

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