TV diners

Big Shots makes eating in front of the tube a guilty pleasure

Service slowed considerably at the end of the meal--I'm not sure what Ki-Jana was up to but it wasn't having a positive effect on our dinner, at least until we received a football card along with the outrageous Mudslide, a ridiculously huge hot brownie covered with ice cream and fudge sauce, a Howard Johnson classic gone pro.

When we ate at the bar, service was better and so was the food, though that had nothing to do with our seating. The Yahoo is a take on the sandwich Helen Corbitt made famous--the Duke of Windsor--the only difference being that Mrs. Corbitt never put her hands on bread like this. The sharp Cheddar spread, thin-sliced turkey, pineapple ring, and chutney were layered on Empire Bakery bread, and the outlandish combination tasted as good as ever. The quesadillas came on a platter and were stuffed to sagging with chicken, cheese, bacon, and onions and presented on the counter on a white napkin spread out as a place mat (with the margarita.) The waiter brought extra french fries for us to taste, and the bartender gave the little girl extra cherries in her Shirley Temple. All of which made us feel privileged to be eating beyond the pale, outside the group of Republican big shots.

Big Shots Sports Cafe, 4511 McKinney Ave., (214) 522-4808. Open daily 11 a.m.-2 a.m.

Big Shots Sports Cafe:
Bruschetta $5.95
Southwest Egg Rolls $6.25
Vermont White Cheddar Burger $6.75
Mudslide $3.95
Santa Fe Chicken $8.95
Oak-Grilled Portobello Sandwich $8.50

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