Don't call it a comeback

The Descendents renew their quest for ALL

"I remember [Stevenson's girlfriend] Sarina got real mad about that song 'Birthday I.O.U.' [from 1993's Breaking Things]," Stevenson says. "That song is about abortion, and she and I went through this thing where she had an abortion, and that's just my feelings about it. She wasn't too stoked, because she kind of thought I was being right wing about it. It's like, 'Dude, it's not politics; it's just my feelings about it.' I don't give a fuck about politics."

The musicians haven't let politics--or other facts of adult life--shake them from their original teenage pursuits: girls, coffee, food, fishing, and music. It is that youthful outlook that has allowed the band to withstand the passage of time and still look to the future.

"I don't see an end on it now; I don't see any kind of boundaries," Stevenson says. "It still feels real good. I mean, we still play pretty much every night. You'd think that you'd wake up and go, 'Man, fuck. I'm 35 and I'm not really into this anymore because I'm too old.'

"I think the people who got into this to get laid or be cool, those are the people who burn out. The people that got into it because they enjoy music, those are the people who are always going to love music. That's where I think we are. I can see us literally in like 20 years playing saxophones and shit, in a small club making a hundred bucks. I can totally see that.

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