The eyes of Texas

An Aggie wonders whether we all should get to see the Longhorn playbook

Whitmire is apparently determined not to let one employee challenge the separation of church and state.

But for now, UT's request for a formal opinion is still pending at the Attorney General's Office, and spokesman Ron Dusek says neither Kelley nor UT has notified the office that the request has been withdrawn.

"If they are going to pull down the request, it just hasn't been communicated to us yet," says Dusek. As far as the Attorney General's Office is concerned, he says, a ruling is still called for.

"If we have a request for an opinion on that issue, then we will issue an opinion on it, whether it's from A&M, UT, or anywhere else," Dusek says. "If the request is withdrawn, then we would not answer it."

With Kelley on the sideline, the only request left is the very public one made by The Daily Texan. Copp, however, says she isn't interested in getting an answer to the question.

"With everything that the attorney general's dealing with, I wouldn't feel right in saying you must make a ruling on this as well," Copp says.

Even if the playbooks were made public, Copp doubts they would make a difference in the outcome of this year's UT-A&M game.

"With both of our records, I don't think either playbook is very sacred right now.

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