Blood and thunder

Dallas Theater Center's Perestroika is a stormy beauty

In Dallas, as in New York and Los Angeles, the long wait between the first and second halves of Angels in America makes Perestroika's almost pragmatic resolution feel a bit anticlimactic. If Millennium Approaches displayed the playwright's righteous leftist anger as a kind of sensual convulsion, Perestroika carries you through that storm to a coda that's more philosophical, even commonsensical, than political. The charming final scene plays almost like a reunion for Kushner characters; that feels a bit like you're left to dangle over the churning volcano of ideas and emotions the playwright has brewed. As an ardent believer in the motivating power of art, Tony Kushner would perhaps say it's not his job to throw you in or rescue you. The volcano was there all along; he had only to describe it.

Angels in America: Perestroika runs through November 23. Call 747-5515.

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